What’s Put a B.C. Credit Union on the Path ‘From Good to Great’?

Participants in a recent culture-change initiative at BlueShore Financial propose that the B.C. full-service financial institution is now well on the path “from good to great.” This is obviously a promising outcome and begs the question: How did a short-term project effect this?

Shuswap Community Gets Intentional About Creating Community Resilience — One Conversation at a Time

Salmon Arm, a mid-sized urban centre in the Shuswap Region of British Columbia, is worth watching as it acts on its intention to build resilience through fostering generative community connections this fall.

What’s so ‘Magical’ About a North Shore Neighbourhood Climate Change Project in Metro Vancouver?

A coffee-shop conversation. That’s how North Shore communities in Metro Vancouver started on a journey to do their part to address climate change.

What Draws a Real Estate Association to Join a Grassroots Healthy Aging Project?

A unique and exciting grassroots healthy aging project in New Brunswick includes one small detail that can’t help but spark curiosity. Of the 30 or so organizations that have joined the effort, all but one offer services or conduct related research in health care or seniors’ care.

Grassroots Collaborative Hosts Political Parties’ Forum on Healthy Aging and Care

A Sept. 9 political parties’ forum on the topic of healthy aging and care in New Brunswick is another demonstration that a grassroots effort “gets it.” Neither government nor the “citizenry” is capable of achieving the of change the province requires in the coming years alone — the work has to be a collective effort.

What Listening Creates Such Connection?

When listening deeply into the words of another person, intention and action can roll seamlessly into one. * Is it possible to move from an altered state when listening from the emerging future?** Have you ever been listened to by someone who does this? His eyes might look to the sky. You might hear spoken: […]

Vancouverite Sue-Ann MacCara Opens Home to Former Ugandan Child Abductee, Evelyn Apoko

Sue-Ann MacCara felt an overwhelming urge to meet Evelyn Apoko the first time she heard about her in 2010. This was before Evelyn, a former Ugandan child abductee, had made headlines for her escape from the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Facilitators Seek to Cultivate Story of Aliveness

Michael Jones feels the world is in many ways between two narratives.  One is the Industrial Age Story, which still has its hold on the present, especially in some educational environments. The other is the  Biology Age Story, a narrative about life and aliveness.

Part 2 – Grassroots Healthy Aging Effort in New Brunswick Offers Insight on Success Factors

A grassroots effort to promote healthy aging in New Brunswick offers some lessons learned in its first three years of activity.

Grassroots Healthy Aging Effort in New Brunswick Offers Insight on Success Factors

About 30 organizations have now formalized in writing their support for a New Brunswick collaborative on healthy aging. The collaborative stems from a 2012 summit which invited the public to share its dreams for the future of the province’s aging population.