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Generating Possibilities for Systemic Change through Large Group Dialogues, Part II: The 2017 New Brunswick Healthy Aging and Care Summit

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Generating Possibilities for Systemic Change through Large Group Dialogues: The 2017 New Brunswick Healthy Aging and Care Summit

Just released: read the full report from the 2017 Healthy Aging and Care Summit! The New Brunswick 2017 Healthy Aging and Care Summit is a concrete example of the ways in which large group dialogues can act as catalysts for systemic change. This was not a standard conference on aging or a series of government-led […]

A Journey of Discovery into Reconciliation Ignites Deeply-felt Change

Gathering centred on cultivating reconciliation leaders transforms how participants see themselves, their work, the future An energy to discover and live into the full possibilities of reconciliation is still radiating days after a gathering in Whistler, B.C.

The Risk and Subtle Reward in Building Community

Creating the conditions for people to experience “a-ha” moments about new possibilities for their community’s future and how they might take ownership for enabling those possibilities can be a lonely and risky business. The work is rewarding, but it’s a subtle kind of reward — one you have to search for to see, trusting that […]

Establishing New Habits as a Community

Note from Charles: It was truly an honour and a pleasure to be invited back to Salmon Arm for a second year, to help create the space for what proved to be a touching and powerful learning experience.

What’s Now Possible for San Benito Human Services?

A staff member stopping him in the hallway to share his excitement about a new idea he wants to try points in a small but encouraging way to the positive shift enveloping the human services division of San Benito County, California, director Jim Rydingsword says. Like most counties in California, San Benito is still recovering […]

A Human Services Agency that’s in the Business of Healing

“I think one of the things that people miss is making a difference, is having a purpose in life,” says Ana Pagan. “So from day one when you walk in here we give you a purpose and you get acknowledged for that.”

California Human Services Directors Imagine New Ways of Working Within Their Communities

Local human services directors in the State of California are joining the growing ranks of those keen to imagine new ways of working within their communities.

Harmonious Spirit Continues to Shape New Brunswick’s Healthy Aging Collaborative

Diverse organizations rallying to a shared vision often experience friction, but there was only positive energy at the most recent gathering of New Brunwick’s healthy aging collaborative.

BC Ferries Empowers Employees to Cultivate a Culture of Safety

The number and severity of employee injuries has dropped dramatically since BC Ferries introduced an intensive safety initiative in 2007. There have been 60 per cent fewer injuries resulting in time off work, alone.