In November 2017 Charles travelled to Fredericton, NB, to facilitate the 2017 Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care Summit: Exploring our Stories and Shaping our Future.

This dynamic and interactive summit engaged 250 participants representing a cross-section of the population concerned with the notions of aging and care in New Brunswick, from social work students to older adults themselves.

“This is one of the most inspiring events I have attended. It is good to hear people in different organizations and walks of life share experiences. Wonderful collaboration!” ~ Summit participant

Read the full report from the Summit in PDF form below, prepared by CE Holmes Consulting (version française ci-dessous).

The report highlights key themes from all 7 dialogues that took place over the course of the Summit, using verbatim comments from participants wherever possible. Undergraduate students from St. Thomas University, NB, played an invaluable role in the creation of this report by taking notes during the round table discussions. These notes became the raw data for the report.

We hope the report serves as a useful resource for both the Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care moving forwards and for anyone, nationally and internationally, who is interested in the well-being of seniors and older adults.

Note: hover your mouse over the bottom of the report to display the menu in order to go to next pages of report.

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2017 Summit Report - EN.compressed

Voici la version française du rapport:

Rapport de sommet 2017 - FR