A Sept. 9 political parties’ forum on the topic of healthy aging and care in New Brunswick is another demonstration that a grassroots effort “gets it.” Neither government nor the “citizenry” is capable of achieving the of change the province requires in the coming years alone — the work has to be a collective effort.

The forum was organized by the Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care, a partnership of about 30 organizations that have come together over the last few years to create a new and positive culture of aging in the province. Business consultant and facilitator Charles Holmes played a pivotal role in a public summit that led to the formation of the collaborative.

While the collaborative is undertaking a variety of activities on its own, including some “instant, on-the-ground” projects, such as a new transportation opportunity for rural seniors of Gagetown, it also sees the importance of working with government to effect change.

About 200 people attended the forum, which convened the five party leaders.

Leaders were asked a total of five questions on the topic of healthy aging and care in the province. Among others, the questions included: How do you see an aging population as an opportunity that New Brunswick can capitalize on rather than a negative event?

They were also asked how they would support person-centred, rather than program-centred, care of seniors.

The New Brunswick elections take place Sept. 22.

To watch a recording of the forum, click here.

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Writer: Michelle Strutzenberger

Editor’s Note: Charles Holmes has played an integral role as dialogue facilitator in this healthy aging effort. Click here to read about Axiom News’ partnership with Charles Holmes Consulting and the intent of the stories in this series.