When listening deeply into the words of another person, intention and action can roll seamlessly into one. *

Is it possible to move from an altered state when listening from the emerging future?**

Have you ever been listened to by someone who does this? His eyes might look to the sky. You might hear spoken: “Oh my God” and “Wow” and “You have to meet . . .”.

What’s happening?

Something is happening and it is emerging from the future.

After three months of journaling stories shared by people Charles Holmes knows we have to wonder: Just how is it that he should know such people and be witness to so many amazing acts of creation? The connections he begins making the moment he hears your story often ignites a chain of events.

People we’ve chatted with have spoken of such things as Charles’ attentiveness to them as a “whole being”.

Their gifts are seen. Possibility imagined. Connections made – spontaneously and generously.

What sorts of things come to life?

Daphne Nederhorst has launched her dream, Sawa World, in part because Charles listened and sparked connections to make it possible.

A young woman from Africa, Lovetta Conto, through a series of “magical” connections was able to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

People “behind-the-scenes” trust their intuition — and a higher source — and follow one spark after another and convert the potential in their connections into new realities.

While it may seem simple, such generative listening is rarer than we’d like. Why? Do we have deep, perhaps unconscious, fear of being generative listeners?

Is being vulnerable the barrier? If I listen and connect at such a deep level will I hear things that shake my notions and call me to action I’m terrified to take? Will this trigger discomfort and guilt?

But we also know generative listening can spark liberation and a sense of aliveness.

If it is true what we say, that we are committed to creating a brighter future, how then do we listen to each other?

In the days to come we’ll hear more from Charles Holmes about his own experiences with generative listening.

* David Hanlon and Jill Rigney, Generative Listening: Subtleties to Prepare Your Inner-self for the Art of Receiving.

** Notions from Otto Scharmer

Writer: Axiom News

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