Alisdair Smith  

DARE Communications

Alisdair weaves storytelling into his facilitation work in such a way that he brings life and inspiration into any room. An exceptional co-facilitator, writer, dialogue/process designer, and a fellow collaborator on the Connecting for Change project, Alisdair and I have worked together for over 20 years.

Angus McAllister  

McAllister Opinion Research

One of Canada’s top pollsters, Angus can synthesize massive amounts of data—including opinions—and present truly wise and meaningful information. During the past 10 years, he has provided not only critical input and insights on a wide range of projects, but also the use of his technology-based platform to optimize inputs (SayZu) has facilitated meaningful dialogue in large groups with which we’ve worked.

Ann Ralston  

Ralston Consulting

Ann has a wonderful ability to create and hold space for honest, thoughtful, productive dialogues that is informed by her capacity to assess leadership cultures and values and develop executive teams. For the past 7 years, I’ve relied on her exceptional capacity to manage complex projects, her skill as a program and meeting designer, and her talent and decades of experience in facilitation.

Avril Orloff  

Outside the Lines Creative Facilitation

One of the world’s top graphic recorders, Avril has a unique ability to capture in pictures what people are saying in a way that has them respond with “OMG, you get me!” We’ve collaborated on the design and facilitation of dozens of group engagements during the past decade.

Barbara McAfee  

Full Voice Institute | Barbara’s Blog

Barbara’s presence, courage and talent help people express themselves in ways they never previously imagined. She does this in her work as a voice coach, speaker, songwriter, performer and author (Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence, Berrett-Koehler Publishers). This world leader in bringing the artistry and power of song and voice into group engagements has collaborated with me for the past five years with corporate clients like Quaker and PepsiCo and community events like Connecting for Community.

Betina Schonberger  

Adaptive Edge

I have had the joy of collaborating with Betina on a range of projects over the past two years, most specifically the National Association of Realtors in the U.S. A deeply self-aware and passionate learner, Betina brings her desire to support the learning and growth of others to her work as a facilitator, strategist and project manager.

Carol MacKinnon

The Coaching Project

Carol is a world-leading coach, without whom I wouldn’t be where I am today. We’ve spent 22 years teaching, coaching, facilitating and collaborating together. Fifteen of those years we co-taught 10-day leadership programs for the Salvation Army (Canada & Bermuda territories). Enough said.

Danae Johnson  

Thinking Partners

Danae’s knowledge of cultural transformation tools and her passion for learning continue to be a great inspiration to me. We’ve worked together for 5 years in the domains of culture change with local clients like North Shore Credit Union, the OpenRoad Auto Group, and Port Metro Vancouver.

Darcy Winslow  

The Academy for Systemic Change | DSW Collective

Darcy brings her passion for large-scale systemic change, her years of experience as a business and sustainability leader at Nike, and her ability to help people in a range of sectors recognize new possibilities for change to our collaborative work. My co-conspirator and collaborator in creating the Academy for Systemic Change and a special advisor to Connecting for Change, we’ve been making a difference together for 5 years.

David Eaves

This open innovation and big data expert, global thinker, and exceptional keynote speaker is constantly expanding people’s minds. He challenges people with big ideas and the potential for exciting, scary change. We’ve collaborated extensively for three years on working with all levels of the organized real estate industry in Canada.

David Thomson  

Coast Leadership Consulting Group

An inspirational skier, David is an exceptional listener, synthesizer, program designer and teacher off the slopes. Our 21-year friendship has included extensive collaborative work with TD Canada Trust, Intrawest, and multiple NGOs through our shared relationship with TREC (Training Resources for the Environmental Community).

Gary Ralston  

Ralston Consulting

Gary never ceases to amaze me and my clients with his depth of caring and his capacity for producing phenomenal value. An exceptional structural thinker, strategist and masterful personal coach, he challenges individuals and groups to see things from a range of perspectives they may not have previously considered, discovering deep insights in the process. He has written future scenarios and in-depth analyses, produced multi-media segments and co-designed events for our projects with PepsiCo, the Canadian Gas Association, the Canadian Real Estate Association, and the National Association of Realtors, among others. He has also worked with Coastal First Nations, including the Haida and the Heilsuk.

Hal Hamilton  

The Sustainable Food Lab

Hal has a refreshing ability to see clarity and simplicity inside complexity—and to then design processes that help clients see what he sees. One of my relatively new colleagues, Hal founded the Sustainable Food Lab, acted as an advisor to Connecting for Change, and collaborated on co-creating the Academy for Systemic Change.

Laura Mack  


Laura and I have been co-creating and facilitating unique events for high-profile thought leaders for 8 years. A voracious learner, authentic leadership educator, and caring parent, she weaves connections between people and possibilities—magically creating links between parenting, leadership and business success.

Laurie Meadoff  

Cancer Schmancer

Laurie is a consummate global connector and innovator. Founder of CityKids Foundation and CEO of Cancer Schmancer Inc., she has been an advisor, confidante and collaborator on a range of projects, including acting as a special advisor to Connecting for Change, for the past 6 years.

Lynn Harris   and
Jeff Arnold  


Jeff and Lynn are the principals of Harris. Charles has known and worked with Jeff and Lynn for more than 20 years. Exceptional diagnostic consultants, they are also great coaches and facilitators, as well as an awesome couple with much to teach and share with clients and friends!

Mariah Howard  

Mariah Howard Visual Facilitation

When it comes to effectively engaging, connecting and mobilizing groups, Mariah consistently challenges and stretches my thinking. A world-class graphic recorder with a deep and broad knowledge of many diverse topics, she has collaborated for the last 6 years on projects with me, including Connecting for Change.

Matthew Fessenden  

Gryphic Creative

Matthew is my ‘go to’ man for graphics and the web. Passionate, thoughtful, and multi-talented, I’ve been able to count on him for the past 6 years to create brilliant solutions—from design concept to execution—for my company and my clients.

Michael Jones  


A Juno-nominated pianist, recording artist, writer and leadership educator, Michael transforms the nature of any group dialogue or conversation with his very presence. One of the most inspirational, generous storytellers I know, he has a unique ability to take people to a deeply reflective place through his music and stories—a place that leads to insights and innovations not previously considered or explored.

Michael Marlowe  

The Academy for Systemic Change

Michael draws on his wealth of experience as a leadership and team development educator at HP to work with individuals, teams and organizations to help connect with their deeper sense of personal purpose. A deeply spiritual and creative soul, he has collaborated for 3 years with me in co-creating the Academy.

Nancy Bradshaw

Spark Strategies | Joyfilled Productions

Nancy is a strategist with a heart as deep and wide as the ocean. She has a passion for making a difference for her corporate clients by supporting them to achieve their goals. Her work with children, teachers and parents to bring social, emotional learning to schools is truly admirable. Nancy has supported projects I have worked on in many ways over the past 10 years.

Nicole Boyer  

Adaptive Edge

Nicole’s depth of knowledge in scenario planning enables us together to expand the way clients think about strategy within the context of powerful future possibilities. Over the past few years, we’ve collaborated on Connecting for Change, as well as client engagements with Port Metro Vancouver, the National Association of Realtors, and the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Peter Block

Peter Block’s ability to be present and focus on people’s gifts is a capacity I will spend the rest of my life striving to emulate. My personal coach, colleague and inspiration, Peter has contributed to various projects during the past 6 years, including co-facilitating Connecting for Change, co-creating Connecting for Community, and collaborating on a project with Quaker Foods.

Peter Senge

Society for Organizational Learning | MIT

The wisdom of Peter Senge’s thoughts, insights and teachings has been with me—as has he in spirit—since we met in 1993. His learning organization theory, tools and methods have become central to my own teaching, facilitation and organizational development work. Our direct collaboration has deepened since 2005 with his involvement as designer and co-facilitator of Connecting for Change and as a leader and co-founder of the Academy for Systemic Change.

Roberta Hardie  

Roberta is more than a collaborator. She is my most staunch, consistent and long-standing supporter. Far more than an admin assistant, Roberta is a dear colleague and friend. She is an exceptional teacher, accomplished coach and supporter who keeps me on track and organized with my schedule and commitments. I shudder to think how I would operate without Roberta’s support.

Sara Heppner-Waldston  


Sara just recently collaborated with me on a large-scale strategy project with PepsiCo’s Global Nutrition Group. She astounded me with her capacity to visually capture the insights, learning, and action commitments of the group.

Sara Rafuse  

The Rafuse Group

Sara is the founder of an amazingly creative boutique strategic marketing firm. She and her team have worked with the Salvation Army’s National Recyling Operations (NRO) for 3 years. Our shared passion for supporting the work of this non-governmental provider of social services has recently turned into a collaboration that includes a marketing communications program which consolidates the great work and offerings of the NRO to communities and the Salvation Army’s mission.

Scott Meadows  

The Shore Group

Scott’s passion for and attention to detail in co-designing and delivering experiential learning consistently inspires me and everyone in the organizations he touches. I’ve learned more from Scott about team learning experiences than from anyone else with whom I’ve worked. Our collaboration began 22 years ago with Outward Bound and has included engagements with large organizations like Intrawest, HSBC and TD Bank.

Shae Hadden  

Blue Pearl

Shae is my ‘go to’ person for communications. She has an amazing ability to anticipate my thinking and a capacity to ask tough, powerful questions that open up new perspectives and possibilities. A caring, compassionate leadership coach and author, she collaborates with me on crafting clear messages that engage people in creating a world that works.

Sophia Liang  

Graphic Footprints

Sophia recently worked with me on a large strategy project with Kimberly Clark. She captured an image of a challenging and complex system in compelling detail that will effectively help guide the team’s efforts.

Stina Brown  


As a facilitator and visual practitioner, Stina excels at empowering mission-based organizations to understand and implement change. She offers a depth of knowledge and experience in meeting design, production, custom graphics and graphic recording services to the groups we’ve worked with. We recently collaborated on projects for RE/MAX of Western Canada and BC Hydro.

Vanessa Timmer  

One Earth Initiative

Vanessa continues to inspire me with her passion for doing work in sustainability that deepens people’s awareness of what we can do for future generations. A colleague and collaborator for the past 6 years in the Vancouver think tank Raising Our Game Sustainability Group, she has also acted as an advisor to Connecting for Change.