It takes more than one person to engage, connect and mobilize teams and communities to create their desired futures. It takes a proven process, a lot of hard work and a network of collaborators—caring people with common interests and shared values who work well together.

Over the years, Charles Holmes has developed a highly collaborative approach to his facilitation and project work. He has looked to a wide variety of experts and thought leaders for inspiration and co-creation. Some of his collaborators came into this work as friends and colleagues. Others have become friends. ‘They’ are now ‘we’.

As individuals, we don’t have answers to all the world’s problems. But at CE Holmes Consulting, we all share a commitment to create space for people to make a difference—a difference that goes beyond just bottom line results. In doing so, we’re living our purpose with passion. In every engagement, we strive to help connect clients with their passion and purpose.

We find ourselves learning with and from each other. We bring everything we discover about ourselves and about what works back to the group and to the institutions with which we collaborate.

We invite you to engage with us in creating our collective future.

“We bring together the right combination of players at the right time to deliver the best results possible. We facilitate a collaborative discovery of shared interests and values, then create and explore the intersection of various possibilities. We help formalize intentions and develop plans so people can take action. Our purpose is to help others realize possibilities they may not have previously seen or thought possible.”

Charles Holmes