“Charles is simply the best. Too many facilitators run groups through a set of techniques unrelated to the distinctive nature and purpose of the meeting or the organization. Rather than bringing a kitbag of techniques, Charles brings a unique sensitivity to purpose and process and a passion to unleash the potential of the group and each of its members. Our board meetings had become frustrating and unproductive. Charles led us through a process of discovering and resolving the barriers that has lifted the organization to a new level of function.”

David Korten
Board Chair, YES! magazine & author of
The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community

“Charles has been a great champion to connect our non-profit organization to key players such as funders and world leaders. He has an extraordinary talent to create these connections and as a result nurture the growth of systemic global change.”

Daphne Nederhorst
Founder and CEO, SAWA Global

“Heart in action. Charles is a gifted and insightful facilitator, an architect of networks and powerful, purposeful human connections.”

Susan Davis,

“It was great to work with you on the IISD project. It was certainly a credit to your smooth and warm facilitation that people felt that the short time frame was a long enough window for them to contribute meaningfully. People were energized at the end of the day! And a lot of the young professionals are interested in continuing to dialogue with each other, as well as with IISD.”

Dagmar Timmer
Associate, International Institute for Sustainable Development


“A thousand thanks for lending your expert leadership to our Cancer Schmancer Brain Trust. I thought the day was extremely successful and clarifying. I believe we all began as strangers with no real focus and, thanks to you, by day’s end, we were one well-oiled piece of machinery, all on the same page and with a clear objective. You handled a large group of high powered execs with strength as you artfully navigated us into an organized, focused group that continued to realize a formula for success. We began as strangers and ended as friends—thanks to you.”

Fran Drescher
President & Visionary,
Cancer Schmancer Movement

“I’ve worked with many facilitators but frankly no one as good as you. You engaged us in a process that has focused and aligned our efforts in a way that we did not imagine possible. Thanks again.”

Gary Birch
CEO, Neil Squire Society

“Just ‘dropping by’ to say a sincere thank you for your leadership and teaching last week at LDI. You are such a role model, teaching enormous lessons even when you don’t realize you are teaching! I have been an Officer/Pastor for 25 years and have stumbled through some situations, making the best decisions I felt I could with limited understanding of leadership principles. You have given me so many tools and tons of resources. As I sit behind my desk this morning, I am truly thankful for your investment into my life and ministry.”

Glynys Pilgram
Corps Officer, The Salvation Army

“Please accept my most grateful thanks for all the teaching you gave for the leadership development of Salvation Army Officers across this country. It is obvious from how you present your material that being a Leader Coach is a real passion for you, and for those of us privileged to sit under your training, we certainly benefit from that passion and your expertise in the field. I have personally learned a great deal in the two weeks of training, much of which I intend to keep before me as I continue to develop my leadership in ministry.”

Wanda Vincent
Captain, Corps Officer, Grand Falls Citadel, NLW, The Salvation Army


“We are so appreciative to Charles for the energy and expertise he brought to our agency. Within a very short period of time, he was able to extract nuggets of information from our staff that succinctly captured the sentiments needed to help to define Family Services of Greater Vancouver in the community. His talents as a facilitator were invaluable to us.”

Teri Nicholas
Executive Director, Family Services of Greater Vancouver