5 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community

In May, with our colleagues at Thinking Partners we co-hosted the Vancouver edition of the Canadian Values Conversations, and had the privilege of hearing from some Vancouver BC residents about what matters most to them.

Establishing New Habits as a Community

Note from Charles: It was truly an honour and a pleasure to be invited back to Salmon Arm for a second year, to help create the space for what proved to be a touching and powerful learning experience.

California Human Services Directors Imagine New Ways of Working Within Their Communities

Local human services directors in the State of California are joining the growing ranks of those keen to imagine new ways of working within their communities.

Salmon Arm Radio Journalist Reinvigorated about Community’s Future

As a journalist, Leah Shaw was just supposed to be reporting on a Salmon Arm community conversation in early March. But she’s now at the centre of a new effort that emerged out of that — and feeling reinvigorated about how her gifts can help shape her community’s preferred future.